There are rules for both Doctors and patients on the Program.


We Don’t:

Dose you with illegal drugs, including S8 medications,
where not specifically medically clinically indicated and
supported by medical evidence.


We Don’t:

Assist you to find illegal drugs under any circumstances.


We Don’t:

Prescribe amphetamine including medical amphetamine such as Dexamphetamine/Ritalin.


We Do:

Have a lot of tolerance and understanding for people with drug usage problems. The proper medical name for this problem is “Substance Use Disorder”.


We Do:

Assess your medical problems and manage your medical problems.


Many people with drug problems require psychiatric medicines to make them feel better or to relieve other symptoms. Many people with drug problems are not addicted to prescription drugs – even though they take them regularly for relief of their symptoms.

We always recommend to you what we think is the most suitable treatment program. This may involve the ORT program (OP Opioid Replacement Therapy), which is supported by the Queensland government. However this type of treatment is not suited for everyone.

We have a team of people working with us including a psychiatrist Dr Phil Nyst and a number of psychologists to make sure you are having all your psych medical problems treated ( eg depression eg anxiety). We want you to feel as well as possible.
We will treat your substance use (drug use or addiction) issues also - well.


Our clinic policy is “ONE PROBLEM --- ONE CONSULTATION”.
Our doctors bulk bill with a few exceptions.


Thick Line only


Program Rules : Toombul : Closed

We would like everyone who is undertaking the program with us at Toombul or MDC to make a commitment to follow our rules.

If you have really decided to manage your drug problem, part of the process is for you to commit to managing your drug problem. It will help you to set a direction for your life if you print out this Section, date and sign it. This is for you.

Patient Name:   Patient Date of Birth

Takeaway Dose Agreement

I will discuss the policy regarding takeaway (unsupervised) doses with my doctor/case manager and am aware of the following issues and requirements for approval. 

1. I will not share information regarding possession/use of takeaways with others. Methadone and buprenorphine are potentially dangerous medications that can cause death when taken by anyone other than for whom they are prescribed. 

2. Mixing other depressants such as alcohol, benzodiazepines or other opioids with these medications can lead to drug overdose and death. I will discuss the usage of all sedative and psychiatric medications with my “Program” doctor.

3. I accept responsibility for safe storage and use of all takeaway doses I may receive. I will store all doses in a secure place out of the reach of children and am aware that a locked cabinet or safe is recommended. Storage in a refrigerator is not acceptable.

4. All doses will be consumed according to directions given by my prescriber. If more than one dose is prescribed, each dose will be taken on the day for which it is prescribed. Doses will not be accumulated and no more than the daily dose will be taken. 

5. Methadone if prescribed will be swallowed, and buprenorphine will be dissolved under my tongue. 

Buprenorphine works best if dissolved, spread throughout the whole mouth (better area for absorption) and held in the mouth as long as possible. Once swallowed, buprenorphine does not enter the body. The liver metabolises this medication faster than it can be absorbed. The only way to get buprenorphine into the body is to absorb it through the mouth lining.

6. I will not sell, swap or give away my takeaway dose or any part thereof. 

7. Doses that are spilled, vomited, lost or stolen will not be replaced and will be reported to my prescriber. Stolen doses should also be reported directly to the police. 

8. Access to takeaway doses will be suspended if members of my treatment team consider them to be unsafe for me or the community at any time. 

9. Access to takeaway medication may be suspended if my urine drug tests detect other opioids, non-prescribed benzodiazepines or illicit drugs. Failure to provide a urine sample for drug testing when requested will be deemed a positive urine test. 

10. Access to takeaway doses will also be suspended if I am assessed as being under the influence of any substances, if I have diverted or attempted to divert any of my supervised or unsupervised doses; if my circumstances change and are deemed unsuitable for takeaway medication; or for any other reason that the treatment team consider to indicate increased risk to myself or the community. 

11. Takeaway doses can only be prescribed under the conditions and requirements set out within the policies and procedures of the Toombul Medical centre.

12. Any deviation from this agreement will result in a review of my treatment which will include access to takeaways and possible suspension / removal.

14. The rules of the program are to keep you safe and alive. The program is here to keep you safe and alive. The program allows you to get your finances together, to get your relationships together, to get your working life together, and to allow you to start to succeed in every aspect of your life.

15. We expect you to work hard to reduce your usage of illegal drugs. The program helps but still requires your commitment for you to do well.

Even a bit of marijuana on the side, keeps you broke and poor, and will take away some of the benefits of the program for yourself and your significant others.

Signed by client.............................
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