The staff from the Toombul clinic have done as much as humanly possible to make sure that you have a smooth transition: talking to DDU/ people in charge at DDU,, organising this web site, communicating with you.

This has all occurred in circumstances where the clinic has no idea of the outcome and what needs to be planned for- as the wheels of the AHPRA beaurocracy slowly process issues coming up in this crisis.

The restrictions placed on Dr P are very difficult and make it essentially impossible to keep on working with and caring for ORT patients as no other doctor would willingly accept the conditions on them (indirectly) to allow DR P to continue working.


We have done our best in circumstances where there is much uncertainty.

In my opinion, the restrictions appear largely based on a dislike of ORT/mental health doctors in general. I think it is obvious that Dr P has kept many people alive, sometimes in spite of themselves. There is a disproportionate amount of mental health problems in ORT patients and Dr P has done his best to make sure that people mare functioning as normally as possible , with as few active mental health issues as possible.

The programme of free multivitamins at MDC for our ORT patients that Dr P has paid for, in than last four years is another programme that will end.



Where to Complain:


Currently, I believe the best outcome is continued passive and polite negotiation with the Medical Board (AHPRA). I feel that complaints are not likely to be listened to or to have action taken regarding the complaints.




Perhaps a letter to the Health Minister : may be of benefit.


Health Minister Federal
The Hon Mark Butler MP, Minister for Health and Aged Care

21 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide South Australia 5015
08 82410190
Postal Address PO Box 2038, Port Adelaide SA 5015. Parliament House Office.

Mark Butler has been named as the new Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care.

The deputy leader of the lower house was sworn in on Wednesday along with Queensland MP Anika Wells, who was appointed Minister for Aged Care and Sport.



The Hon Yvette D'Ath MP - Member for Redcliffe
Qld Health Minister
Telephone: 3448 7100
Visit: Bluewater Square Shopping Centre
(Corner ANZAC Avenue and Sutton Street, Redcliffe) 








"No one" has been hurt or injured to trigger this event. In fact the patient at the base of this event has done very well and is happy with Dr P's treatment. In my opinion, the restrictions appear largely based on a dislike of ORT/mental health doctors in general. Many doctors also feel GPs should not be involved in treating mental health issues, shortage of these qualified doctors notwithstanding.

In my opinion the system is not very concerned about welfare of ORT patients and mental health patients if the system does not care about outcomes. To get in trouble for making people "well", is something life experiences would not prepare you for.

If you are interested read the Sunday Mail article at this link , Long Version (end of page). Dr P's patient did much much better than this.





In the long tem there will be updates on this page on how people who have been badly affected can get some fairness and justice for they have indirectly been affectedf by AHPRA and its pogrom.



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