We talk about Care Plans:
Mental Health Care Plans,

Accessing Allied Health like a Dietician, Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist or Podiatrist even Chiropractic


At our clinic, where any of the above Allied Health Professionals are available,
they will usually bulk bill.

All patients on ORT (Opioid Replacement Therapy) programmes qualify to have a care plan. Care Plans are a great way to improve your health:
losing weight,
planning exercise programmes,
making a life plan or motivating yourself to get on in life,dealing with life issues affecting your quality of life,
dealing with psychological issues such as in relationships,
improving your nutrition,
getting physiotherapy for spinal or bone issues.


The government has a program whereby people with chronic complex illnesses- such as drug problems, can get subsidised or free health advice. Common allied health specialties are: psychologists, dieticians and exercise physiologist. We also have Podiatry and Physiotherapy available.

Psychology can be had under a MENTAL HEALTH CARE PLAN: to a total of 6+4 visits per 12 months. A review by the doctor is mandated by the government after the first 6 visits. These can be had – bulk billed at this medical centre.

Dieticians and Exercise Physiologist help you to work towards a healthy lifestyle and healthy routines. 5 Visits can be had per calendar year. These can be had – bulk billed at this medical centre.

Special paperwork needs to be completed to allow these consultations to be obtained. This is kept only on your file with privacy and does not need to be sent to anyone else. The paperwork is largely a process of just assessing what help would be appropriate for you.

If attending Toombul Medical Centre, please check out to allow ADMIN to be completed for you visit and for you to be checked off the “IN –CLINIC” list of people. It can be difficult to track who is there or not in our clinic. We need to track people to make sure that people are taken care of.


Psychiatry Assessments

These are important to allow us to manage all the psychiatric issues often coexisting with drug use/ addiction issues. Over time we will try to get all your problems: drugs difficulties and your head working and feeling well. Psychiatry assessments are most necessary for people who have psychiatric issues such as Depression and Anxiety in addition to substance use / addiction issues.

We are very fortunate to have access to a psychiatrist with a lot of real world and general practice experience to help us to manage your problems. ( Dr Phil Nyst). He is willing to undertake Medicare item 291 assessments for you and to bulk bill these.

Our Clinic has made arrangements with a specific Psychiatrist : Dr Phil Nyst for this care- due to his expertise with drug related issues and his understanding of the needs of General Practice patients.

This will give us a management plan to make sure you get the medications you need - appropriate to your symptoms and your problems. The focus being on maximising your safety and health.




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