This site contains information about the Toombul Shopping Centre Medical Centre Emergency and about Dr P's issues re returning to work.


Dr P has currently returned to Work At East Brisbane Medical Centre. Dr P is not able to treat any mental health conditions or drug conditions. He is able to treat usual medical problems - just not mental health problems.

Working Mon Tues Wed @ 1-4 pm approximately at this time.

Dr Andrew Pluta
81 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane, Qld 4169
P: 3391 4978 F: 3391 6966

East Brisbane Medical Centre

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Dr A P Re Doctor Pluta's Recent Stop Work:

Short Version

More details are available at the end of the long version web page.

Long Version

Seeking a New Prescriber


Getting Angry




















Toombul Medical Centre Emergency

The Toombul Medical Centre is Now Closed.

We have had one metre of water through the surgery over the weekend at the end of February. Many of our consulting computers are out of action. Much of our surgery stock, medications and furniture are all damaged. Even the new wooden floor will be water and mud damaged.

In my opinion, its the end of the road for our Clinic.

It will take time for repairs and renovations to be done. I have done some work cleaning out the clinic and boxing up everything for the doctor owning the place. What a mess. I can't see much chance of it all being set up again.
The Shopping Centre Management is still restricting access to the centre for everyone. Final Note on this at the bottom of the page.

Toombul Medical Centre Emergency

Re Toombul Medical Centre

It will be sometime before we are even allowed access to the Clinic. The Shopping Centre Management is really dragging its feet. To me, it looks like if we had done what everyone else had done and just cleaned up the flood damaged premesis, hosed it all out and dumped stuff, we could have been back in action in a few days- to some extent at last.

The cleanup job is ongoing. I think MirVac, the shopping centre owner aims for a complete revamp of Toombul Shopping Centre, so it may well be 6-12 months before the Toombul Clinic has a chance to come back. Wether the Doctor owning the centre can survive the castastrophe and rebuild the clinic remains to be seen. It is likely to cost at leaqst $300 000 to revamp the Centre minimum.

WE aim to offfer phone consultations with some of our doctors, at best.
Dr David De Bahl: working at Everton Park with Dr Haque: mainly phone

Dr Andrew Pluta: still waiting for AHPRA to sort out its paperwork to let him return to work.
Dr Warwick Marks: working at his own clinic: Millenium Medical Centre on Wickham Tce, just off Litle Edward St.



Dr Daramapala Wimalaguna: has a new job elsewhere
Dr Md Erfanul Haque: working at Everton Park
Dr Diane Monsour : back to doing her usual home visit business
Dr Chelliah Sekar: going elsewhere
Dr Satish Kharia: long gone


This web site will keep you posted of events as they progress.





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